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May 2nd: My Mental Surrender

May 2nd is a day I want to hug and thank for the rest of my life. If you asked me this on May 2, 2017... I wouldn't of responded with much.

That day, I got up... battling severe stress and anxiety on a few fronts in my life...and wasn't ready to face another day of it.  God took care of it for me.  I heard a voice say, "Not today."  So I didn't... I sat in mental pot of soil over the next 6 months as I faced my darkness and grew from it. 

Today, a year later... I take my wellness journey in baby steps.  Some have been steps back...and some have been steps forward.  But they have been steps. 

I have learned that my darkness is as beautiful as my light.  That the darkness we face that has come from times in our life, is a necessary shadow we have to face to move past and see the sun again.

I have two official diagnoses of ADHD and PTSD and I love my scars... they are the roadmap of my footsteps taken to be my true, authentic self.

If you are struggling... living …

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